Russian Civil War

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Well, this should really read, Russian Civil War and Back of Beyond, but as I will be painting Bolsheviks, RCW will suffice.

I am fascinated by this period of constant revolution and ideological explosions. A period full of hope, but also immense cruelty. Although one might think this conflict has only two sides to it, going into a bit more detail (which is all I have really done) it’s easy to recognise what a multi-faceted conflict this was; Whites, Reds, Greens, Anarchists, Interventionists and Russia’s greatest love-machine!

Click on the links below to have a look at some of my minis for this period:

Bolshevik Sailors
Bolshevik Infantry

Bolshevik Sailors:

The sailors were an essential part of the beginnings of the revolution. Especially the Kronstadt sailors were an essential part in the first uprising and served as an archetypical revolutionary until they rebelled against the reality of early Soviet Russia.

Some months ago I had painted a few Bolshevik sailors, which were posted on my old Blog. Since posted I’ve had an accident with some of them using the horrible matt spray by AP. These will have to be repainted at some point. Till then here are the old pictures once more:

Bolshevik Infantry:

Currently I am working on Bolshevik Infantry, because we are planing a BOB event in November.

With these 6 further miniatures my “normal” Bolshevik infantry now count 11, which will be bolstered up to 12 soon by a guy carrying a Lewis gun. Glad with how these have turned out.

Here is the leader, which I really enjoyed painting. The guy on the right I have never seen before on a table and I couldn’t really spot him on the Copplestone page.

As you will probably notice, I’ve sculpted the fabric bands on these guys’ Ushankas. I thought that looked better than painting them on. The guy shooting was missing the star on his cap so I decided to give him a red armband, which he is wearing on his right arm. I know it should have been on his left one, but this one was easier to add. Besides… he was a farmer 2 weeks ago… what does he know?


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