About Our Expedition

In the chilling days of early 1931 a certain Mr Lovecraft sketched out a story dealing with an expedition of adventurous scientists and their unfathomable discoveries somewhere in the Antarctic wastes. This mind-boggling mixture of science and fiction, historical fact and horrifying fantasy became known under the title “At the Mountains of Madness”.

For the three of us, sharing a longtime interest in all aspects of the wargaming hobby, lead (nowadays supplemented with plastic) and the mountain-like piling thereof is a special kind of madness. And in the spirit of true Lovecraftian explorers we are easily drawn into all sorts of topics and genres, loosing track, erring around, while trying to keep our sanity.

Therefore, somewhen in early 2013 (in a disturbing coincidence of numbers…), we agreed on joining forces, to up our game against the odds. To embody our newly formed club of (not yet) distinguished wargamers we chose three characters: an army officer, a freelance academic and a foreign gentleman as you would find them in any myth-busting expedition (and, admittedly, all inspired by nicknames from former web-based ventures).

In this place we will collect and present our findings, results of our hard work and other ideas encountered en route in public. We might go separate ways at times or team up for a joint project. We might take our time to find a secure path or just run uphill in order to overcome obstacles. There are gaping abysses and steep faces ahead – commonly known as constrictions of time, money or motivation, to name but a few. Together we hope to resolve these issues.

So, why don’t you lean back in your armchair, take a sip of tea and let us tell you about our strivings and struggles At the Mountains of Lead

Dimi (Remington), Jan (Hazelorov) & Tilman (Godefroy)

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