Better to have tried…

than not to have tried at all.

Well, as you’ve been aware, we’ve been pretty inactive lately. What started as a three man team was reduced to two people and somehow the dynamic this blog once had was lost in real live tasks and busy schedules (for example the Doc got married a couple of months ago and the Lt. became a father).

Long story short… The joint climb up the Mountains of Lead will come to an end here. The two remaining climbers have decided to call it a day as well and we will be returning to our own, individual base camps and climb our own little lead hills separately.

Expect combined operations between camps occasionally; we’re still friends and co-hobbyists after all, but from now on you will find us under the following coordinates:

The Leutnants Diary and

The Doc’s Study

We’ll leave this camp open for anyone who wants to visit our past adventures. Please be aware though that the URL will change to the standard WordPress format in a couple of months (

So long, see you tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Better to have tried…

  1. Gentlemen….it was a wonderful climb. Inspiring to all of us, and in the very best traditions of the lead-mountaineering hobby. The oddest thing is the ludicrous suggestion that you never reached the summit, or achieved your goals. Dear friends, you did more than that – you inspired everyone. From great photography, to wonderful terrain, to beautifully painted figures, you wow’ed us all. Well done Gentleman. you deserve to thaw out for a short while, and a refreshing cup of t’chai when you return!

    I raise my glass to you all !

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