Incursio Barbarica: Limitanei at full strength


I am coming down the stretch! I managed to paint the rest of the Limitanei, and now have three groups of six levies each.

LimitaneiCompHere they are, 18 levies plus Big Man. All from Musketeer Miniatures, mainly Late Romans with a few Goths mixed in to avoid doublettes. Except the Big Man, he is from Black Tree’s LR armoured command pack. All the shields are hand painted, very clever not to use LBM decals on the most numerous gang of the army!

LC1Here you see a Goth with oval “Roman” shield serving with the Limitanei. Especially in the border troops, stationed on the northern frontier, I would expect a good amount of Germans, rankers as well as officers.

LCBigManThe Big Man: Black Tree miniatures fit really well with Musketeer ones, and BTD has some nice sculpts. Only the legs are noticeably thinner. So, who cares! Now I only have two elite warriors to finish, and the Dux Britanniarum starter army is completed.

To start the campaign and play the raid scenarios I will have to build a church, a watch tower and a village, plus one more cart. I already have enough livestock for the cattle raid scenario, so that will be the first we’re going to play I guess.


8 thoughts on “Incursio Barbarica: Limitanei at full strength

  1. Wow! These chaps really look awesome again. Great idea to use some Goths for more variety. They look way better than my Westwind figures I used for this very same purpose.

    • I have some Westwind Minis as well, and they are no match for Musketeer or Black Tree. But I really like yours, proves what a proper paintjob can do to average miniatures 😉

    • Thanks! I always try to mix browns, greys and offwhite colours in for a muted look.

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