Incursio Barbarica: Lanciarii at full strength


The Lanciarii Gallicani Honoriani received four new companions, plus a battle-hardened centurio with a passion for shiny armour!

As hinted in my last post I want to start a “Dux Germania Prima” campaign using the Too Fat Lardies “Dux Britanniarum” ruleset. I will use the Romano-British starter army without adaptions for my Romans. Here you see two groups of six warriors each and a Level II Big Man in the front. I wanted him to stand out on the battlefield, so he is clad in polished bronze. As always, Musketeer Miniatures Late Romans, except one Lanciarius who is a Saxon ceorl with Roman head. Some closeups of the centurio:


I will need more Germans as reinforcements and mercenaries as the campaign proceeds, so I ordered some Foundry Franks for a change and painted one up. Really fine sculpts but a bit smaller than their Musketeer counterparts.


Now six Romans still remaining, I hope to finish them this week.


14 thoughts on “Incursio Barbarica: Lanciarii at full strength

  1. As you know, those old Perry sculpts take the price anytime. Cool paintjobs all around.
    Re your campaign, why not think big: aim for “Imperator Galliarum”! 😀

    • Yes why not? I think it is possible to link smaller campaigns to represent the continuing press to the West.

    • Well thank you Fred! I spent some time on combining colours before I start painting. For me it is as important as the painting itself.

  2. Is the “Dux Germania Prima” setting covered in any of the Too Fat Lardies supplements?

    • I think it is in their 2012 Christmas Special. Tilman will know it, I am not 100% sure and my tablet is down..

      • Nothing specific. Though there is indeed a rather generalised adaptation for all of Germania and neighbouring Gaul in Summer Special 2012.

    • I will Keep them coming. When the Roman starter Army is completed I will need some buildings fitting the scenarios.

    • As I do enjoy Nik’s stuff and yours! I am really looking forward to meet you next year in Raetia!

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