Samurai Six

Samurai Group1

Some weeks ago I had my first game of Osprey’s Ronin and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thankfully I had already purchased some beautiful Perry Samurai last February.

I say beautiful miniatures, but let’s agree to not mention the casting and mould lines, ok? Pity that this is still something the Perry brothers are (or are not) struggling against.

Nonetheless the miniatures’ poses and style is beautifully fitting and I enjoyed painting them… once I had them all cleaned up and had figured out where the face is.

This will not be the end of my Ronin force. I have already ordered some armoured fellas that I am sharing with a friend. I realised that one or two armoured Samurai are not a bad idea to have in an “army”. Later on a bow or/and musket option should follow. But at least the blister is done and I have enough to play with for now. Finally I will need to have a good look at Oshiro Terrain in order to get a couple of buildings and nice table fillers.

Osprey’s Samurai skirmish game is a pretty straightforward rulebook that reminds one quite a bit of the Confrontation game by Rackham that was all the rage some years ago. You set up your little force according to small “army lists”, assign special skills to your fighters at a specified cost and there you have at it.The amount of miniatures needed is quite low and you can face your opponents with as little as 2-3 miniatures at 100 points. The Confrontation vibe comes from combat, where you can assign Offensive and Defensive tokens to your force according to the collective stats of your warriors. These tokens correspond to dice you may use for offence and defence accordingly. If you are the winner ofย  the initiative you may assign one offensive token to one of your fighters, allow the defender to raise his automatic 1 die by another token only in turn allowing you to raise by one last token. That means you would be attacking with 3 dice, keeping 2 results, while your defending opponent may use 2 dice and attempt to counter with both of his results your attack. This is it in a nutshell and it’s quick, simple and fun. I plan to play quite a few more games of Ronin.

Here are some more views of my current force. Stay tuned and there will be more to follow:


7 thoughts on “Samurai Six

  1. I’m not really into all this far east stuff but your painting is absolutely stunning as always. I’m really impressed with all the attention to detail.

  2. I agree with all that has been said before: Beautiful brushwork and the freehand detailing of the garments is just wonderful. The simple, yet effective basing adds a finishing touch to the superb paintjob. I also think the colour schemes really work and offer enough contrast to giude the eye while also being a feast for the eyes.

  3. Thank you all so much for your kind comments! ๐Ÿ™‚

    daggerandbrush, that is really high praise and I am very glad you like them! For these minis I chose to get some colour choice help from a website called Paletton which allows you to create satisfying colour combos.

  4. Very nice! I especially like the guy on the far right on the first picture!

    But overall a stunning job!

    Cheers Marc

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