Incursio Barbarica: More Limitanei


Well between all the matches of this year´s World Cup I finally managed to add some more miniatures to my Late Roman force. RM1

Limitanei, Musketeer Miniatures Late Romans Range. The shield design is from the WAB Sup “Fall of the West”. I really like it, but do not know if it is historical accurate and/or to which unit it belonged. It is a six man group instead of an eight man “contubernium” I need for SAGA. That is because I want to start a Dux Britanniarum campaign and the basic units compose of six men.

Now there are 10 more Romans on my desk, I really hope to get them done within the next two weeks or so. As I already have enough Germans I could then start the campaign immediatly. So stay tuned, I added a few single shots of this characterfull miniatures.



9 thoughts on “Incursio Barbarica: More Limitanei

  1. Smartass incoming! The designs might resemble the ones sported by the Armigeri propugnatores, both seniores (in colours) and iuniores (in pattern). These were stationed in Africa, later on promoted to guards troops. But, honestly, nevermind – this whole Notitia Dignitatum thing is – and not to anger its fans I add “likely” – just fancy-schmancy bureaucratic nonsense. 😀 And who’s to say that some units from different parts of the empire couldn’t choose the same designs by coincidence?

    Anyway, I’m hoping to be able to join your DuxBrit (or whatever to call it) campaign some day. Lovely paintjobs all around!

  2. Absolutely stunning! I’m always impressed by all the emotions you manage to represent on the faces of your figures. They realy look like some old and battle warry veterans. Hopefully we manage to get together for a game some day.

    • Thank you Nik, that’s exactly the look I wanted! But Bill’s sculpting makes it easy, the faces are great!

  3. Beautiful work, my friend! Not surprising but still awesome! 🙂 How I’d like to be more into Dark Age / Late Antiguity. Pity we’re so far apart.

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