Infinity Nomads

Instead of spending money for miniatures and terrain starting a new project I decided to dug my Nomads out of the lead pile. Quite fiddly to assemble but easier to paint than I expected.

That is the whole force so far. I bought these miniatures at the Tactica 2012, together with Godefroy who purchased the Haqqislam starter box. We wanted to play Infinity because we both love Animes like “Ghost in the Shell” and “Appleseed”, and the Infinity miniatures surely capture the atmosphere of that genre.

Aguacil2The studio colour scheme for the Nomads is brown-red-white, but I wanted to try something different and painted the miniatures in a dark-grey commando style uniform. I took care not to be carried away with these highly detailed miniatures. I am no Angel Giraldez, so I kept painting rather simple. I applied a coat of VC German Grey over a light grey undercoat. I diluted the colour heavily for that purpose. Once dried I applied another wash of Army Painter’s Strong Tone. Then some highlights with a mix of VC German Grey and VC Pale Sand. Quite effective.


Grey does not make your miniatures stand out on the battlefield. As most of the troopers are bareheaded I gave them various flamboyant hair colours like green, purple, pink etc.

Infinity requires a lot of scenery to break lines of sight. I painted this Sci-Fi cargo container from Pardulon Models, a really cool model, although not on the cheap side. I have way too many Desert Rats decals for the few British tanks I will paint for our CoC project, so applied some to the container.

ContainerAs you may have noticed the Nomads have desert bases. Initially, I wanted urban bases, but that was way too much grey in grey. The sand colour gives a nice contrast, and I also decided that an abandoned mining complex on a desert planet would be much easier to build than a whole futuristic city.

I plan to build more terrain and play a few games before I buy reinforcements.


3 thoughts on “Infinity Nomads

  1. Wxcellent work as we came to expect from you. Infinity really isn’t my cup of tea but they do some rather nice figures and you really did them justice.

  2. Well, my fellow co-blogger… these are some serious beauties! Well done. I’ve always been on the fence about infinity but figures like yours could tipp me off that fence to my financial ruin. 🙂

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