Heating Season #14 – Daimler Mk I


Instead of boring you with the details of why it took me so long to post photos of new miniatures and explaining how I feel ashamed with such prolific, excellent co-bloggers… Here is a picture of a Daimler Mk I in a cheese pic complete with lens flare and dust effects.

During the last Tactica Convention in Hamburg I picked this nice little vehicle up from the Warlord Games stand not really knowing what to do with it. Of my two colleagues, I am probably the one putting the least research into his armies, so I wasn’t sure if I could use it for my Perry Brits. It seems I can… Well, I did anyway.

This, by the way, is a first for me; I’ve never painted a military vehicle before so I had tons of fun weathering and playing around with interesting tutorials on the web and good advice from my fellow mountaineers. Detailing was kept to a minimum with some Jerrycans added to the back, after being inspired by a picture on Wikimedia and reading that the German containers were preferred to the British variant for quite some time during the North African campaign. I am sure the WW2 buffs among you know a lot more about this. I would also be quite interested to get comments from you guys; be it from a historical accuracy standpoint to more tips and tricks for painting vehicles.

The Daimler comes with a very good looking Armoured Car crewman, but I decided to use a Perry miniature instead from their excellent WW8 Tank Crew pack. It fits suprisingly well if one considers the (assumed or over-dramatised?) size difference between the Perry Brits and other WW2 ranges.

Here are also the two markers you can see in the cheesy picture above and which I started when the Lieutenant and Sire were here on visit. One of them was actually started by Sire Godefroy before I had the honour of finishing it up! Thanks, bub! The location Bardia was picked because I painted the number 70 first and didn’t have enough space for anything else. 🙂 I am telling you… I need a break and re-arrange my grey cells. Nonetheless I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.


8 thoughts on “Heating Season #14 – Daimler Mk I

  1. Dimi that is a nice armoured car! It even looks better in Reality. Well done!

    • Thank you, buddy. Glad you like it even if it kicked your butt last time it met your Italians. 😉

  2. I don’t know about you wanting tips and tricks on painting vehicles from us, going by the superb job you have done on this, I think it is us wanting tips and tricks from you.

    • Thank you for your very kind words, Pat. Obviously that makes me very happy but I am sure there’s still a lot to learn. 🙂

  3. Wow this is very very nice! I’ve been a fan of your painting style (crisp and clean with great color choice) ever since I first stumbled upon pictures of your minis! I really like the driver’s skin and shirt as well as the weathering on the vehicle! Awesome and very inspiring!



  4. Hey Marc, thank you very much for your extremely kind words.
    I must say… Your blog looks amazing! Consider yourselves followed!

  5. Excellent work, especially considering it beeing your first ever vehicle. I really like you haven’t over done the weathering part as one (and especially me) gets often carried away. awesome work on the skintones btw.

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