On being transparent

As some of you may notice we now have a small banner/link on the right side of our blog directing you to one of our favourite e-shops for most of the things an enthusiastic Lead Mountain climber requires; Miniaturicum.

Miniaturicum is run by a friend, but we are also happy and frequent customers of the shop, always glad with its service and stock. This alone would warrant a banner on our blog! Nonetheless advertising on the Mountain of Lead was never part of what we wanted this blog to be about. But, we would like to be completely open with our readers and explain to you the exact reason why we have now decided to allow this form of light advertising.

Miniaturicum has kindly agreed to help us with a part of the costs for this blog and some of the modules we are using. This form of sponsorship is the only involvement Miniaturicum has in our blog. The banner is our way of saying thanks and acknowledging Miniaturicum’s contribution. Our blog started as a neutral platform for 3 friends simply enjoying the hobby and this is how we shall continue.

Hopefully this post reassures the couple of people who might have noticed this banner and were concerned.

Thanks for reading and keep on painting!


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