Heating Season #13 – More support arrives


Well it has been quite quiet on the Desert Front. Nevertheless, I played some Chain of Command games in the last few weeks. We really enjoyed the rules, and I decided to add some more support options to both forces.First I painted an italian medium tank, a Carro Armato Medio M14/41 to be precise. Just click the link to get more information on Tanks Encyclopedia. It is a Blitzkrieg Miniatures vehicle available via the Perry Miniatures shop. It is well cast, painted up nicely and this time I was smart enough not to glue the turret in place. I have seen the olive green patches over sand camouflage in a book, I liked it most but can not remember which book it was.


The tank caused the Desert Rats some Headaches and the logical solution was to get them a proper AT gun. The Perrys make a nice 2 pdr. AT gun, they even have an assembly guide on their site, whitout which I had been completly lost. The rules equieres 5 crew, so I will have to build two more out of Plastics.


When we had our Blog meeting in April Sir G. made really nice tables for force morale and Chain of Command dice tracking. Back in Bielefeld we used them too, and had a discussion about the aesthetik aspect of our hobby. We only have an 120×180 table, so all the dice and other gaming aids are spread all over the boards. We had some ideas how to improve the look of our games, and when I returned to my home I gave the tables a desert style basing, so that they “melt in” with the underground. Force morale is tracked with a oil drum and CoC dice with Jerry cans. An errected jerry can stands for a “loaded” CoC die. Drums and Cans are from a 1/48 Tamiya kit.


Already on my painting table is a british section, a minefield, different barricades and medical orderlies for both factions. Tanks for the Brits and AT weapons for the Italians are ordered. More to come.


10 thoughts on “Heating Season #13 – More support arrives

  1. Great work Jan! Nice to finally have a closer look at these guys. Your first go with the airbrush looks better than anything I produce today after some years of practice. I like the sunburnt look of yor crew.

    • Thank you Nik! The airbrush really helps, and I indeed used mediterranean flesh, well spotted!

    • There will be more. I am waiting for the Tanks, a Chance to improve my airbrush skills!

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