A Different Kind of Desert

GoMo1webI am a wargamer and thus – as some might know from personal experience – contractually obliged to jump from project to project. My gaming group decided a couple of weeks ago to try another kind of desert setting: Gorkamorka!
You might be surprised to know but I’ve never played any ruleset published by GW before (other than half a game of WAB). Gorkamorka is my first contact with this company, and I must say I love this game! I don’t really know what that has to say about my taste as the publishing house because apparently the game didn’t survive all that long.
As my co-players are really fast painters I had to keep pace, and I think I managed a good compromise. I decided to use the same technique as with the Perry British: foundation colours, a dip and one highlight. So when we played, I actually fielded a fully painted squad of glorious Gorka Boyz!

Some guys were not fully painted, but were fielded only with the dip stage completed, like this Nob and Spanner.

Here only the horns of the Nob were properly painted. The rest of them awaits the first hightlight.
I was hard pressed to find good names for these dudes, so I decided to go with Beatles related ones (I blame alcohol). My mob are called Ringoz’ Splitterz and this is the first time that Ringo can claim that he actually leads a group. The spanner is called Paul. His Trukk, Miss Lizzy, is still being painted. Photos to follow.
The rest of the boys are finished and are earning teef by the bucket-load!

Say hello to Helter and Skelter.

As well as John and George.

A further spanner will join the group soon under the name Sgt. Pepper. His vehicle is probably going to be the Lucy or maybe the Rigby.
I decided to have the following convention in order to track who’s a yoof and who a boy; Yoofs have a red tattoo on of their arms; left or right doesn’t matter. Surely Orks can’t tell the two apart. As soon as they become Boyz they get a tattoo on their chin which is then expanded by two lines for Nobs, Spanners or Skarboyz.
I’ll try to keep you updated on how the mob develops. Until then, here’s another photo of Ringoz’ Splitterz defending a bit of scrap.

14 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Desert

  1. Gorkamorka is a game I remember fondly though I played only one partial campaign. It improved on Necromunda by being faster and easier to play and Orks by their nature were good at surviving and prospering despite terrible wounds.

  2. Excellent paintjob and nice earthy colours. What colours did you use for the orc skin? Looks really good! The photographs are top notch, too. Looking forward to more Orcs!

    • Hey there! Thank you all for your kind words!

      Daggerandbrush, I am using the old Citadel Gretchen Green foundation paint. I don’t know which colour has now replaced that.

  3. Greate paint work !

    Had our fair share of Gorkamorka games some 15 years ago, was fun back then.

    Goog luck with tha gaming.!

    Best regards Michael

  4. Fabulous painting on your Orcs. Orcs always were my favourite amongst all those alien races. Though I really prefer the older more comic like style over the newer blood and gore stuff.

  5. Hey guys, I am really enjoying your blog. This post just woke up so many memories of games past! Keep up the good work.

    What dip are you using for these?

    • Hey Rob. Thank you for your kind words.

      Nowadays I am using the Soft Tone from AP… But not the one in the tin. After a tip from the Lieutenant I switched to the water-based eye-drop bottles. They’re great.

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