Incursio Barbarica: Roman Shock Cavalry


The tough boys are riding into town! More Musketeer Miniatures madness! Well, I’ve planned to paint up a second unit of heavy cavalry for a while. When I finally decided that it was time for another order from Musketeer Miniatures the next step was to choose a proper shield design. I picked some books from my shelf, and there it was, the Warhammer Ancient Battles “Fall of the West” book. On its cover: Roman cavalry fighting Germans, painted by Michael Perry. I suddenly knew that I had to have this unit in 28mm. The depicted shields are associated with the “Scola gentilium seniorum”, as far as we know. However described I love the look of the shields.

Musketeer offers only three different armoured Roman cavalrymen (BillT, I need more!), so I pressed some Goths into service. They do not look very different, but I was not sure about two helmets, therefore I decapitated two Goths and gave them Roman helmets. The shields are not handpainted, I used some LBM transfers. Coming next is some poor bloody infantry to reinforce my Limitanei. Please stay tuned, but for now:

Merry Christmas, relax, paint and have a jolly good time with your loved ones,

Yours Mountaineers!

11 thoughts on “Incursio Barbarica: Roman Shock Cavalry

  1. These look outstanding. I’ve been wanting to pick up Fall of the West. I think you just pushed me over the edge… =]

    • It is a must have in my opinion. It gives a short overview about the period and lots of painting and modelling tips. Age of Arthur is also worth a look.

  2. Very nice work and those lances are great! Pushing through some more of my Saxons and then on to Late Romans and scenes like this make the anticipation grow.


  3. Stunning work!

    You used a very nice picture as inspiration and did a outstanding job depicting them in miniature.

    Merry Christmas !

    Best regards Michael

    • Yep the picture is too cool. I already making Plans to convert Bill T’s Arthur into the fallen barbarian warlord. We will see…

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