Incursio Barbarica: Roman Limitanei

RMilitia3 RMilitia4

I finished some more Romans for my ongoing Dux Britanniarum / SAGA project. And I will have to paint some more…because I will run a participation game at the TACTICA 2014. I already have 50 or so Germans painted, but the Romans suffer from a lack of stubborn infantry. So, here are the first grunts. I do not know how many I will finish until February 2014, but my mate Christian is also painting Romans for the game so the burden is not that heavy.

The miniatures are from Musketeer Miniatures’ Late Romans range. I highly recommend these sculpts to everyone who wants to regame the migration period. I decided to save some money and did not use LBM transfers as with the other Romans. Not very clever because I have to paint 10 more shields, and it is very time consuming.

Next on my workbench is a unit of scholae cavalry, but I have to finish a commission first.

8 thoughts on “Incursio Barbarica: Roman Limitanei

    • I used the Normann Board, mainly because I had more cavalry than infantery painted. When enough spearmen are ready I will give the Anglo-Danish a try. I Even made my own dice 😉

    • Will you be at the Tactica next year? If so you are more than welcome to join Moiterei!

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