A Weekend Full of Vodka!


Partisan Con 2013, our RCW and BoB themed con in Mannheim was this past weekend. I am so proud about what my gaming group organised that I simply couldn’t resist telling you all about it!I have to be honest… I never thought it would be so good! Everyone was lovely and they all seemed to have had a good time. We had constant Russian music (Driscoles of LAF fame and I especially enjoyed that) and while we were selfishly playing our friend David and his girlfriend were cooking amazing meals for us. We were stocked up to our eyeballs in cakes, muffins, brownies and crisps. Fizzy drinks, bear and vodka flowed like there was no tomorrow (especially on Friday) and we had a hell of a time!

Prepare to be amazed as I was by Ben Turbo’s (of LAF and Sweetwater Forum fame) and his brother’s table that they built just for the con and all the other terrain our lovely visitors brought along.

This monster of about 3 x 1.8 meters was so massive that the guys, who forgot to consider the measurements, had to take down a flight of stairs just to get it out of the house! 😀 It’s a true beauty that was done in a ridiculous short amount of time. The terrain you see on it was mainly done by Ben with a few “donations” like Hombre’s (of LAF fame) windmill and my church.

Nils’ (of LAF fame) Cossacks are crossing one of the bridges on the table… Sadly they were mowed down by the Bolsheviks shortly after.

My Bolsheviks tried to defend the Cause on the large table but, sadly, in the end they failed miserably.

Hombre had his own table with a set of amazing buildings through which Nils’ train run through:

Tabris’ of Sweetwater Fame gave a great demonstration game for Bolt Action in the RCW, where the Japanese were confronted under the watchful eyes of a Fu Dog.

Our friend Stefan had his own little “Bukhara” RPG/Skirmish. The town had been shocked by the recent disappearance of dead bodies and a mysterious amulet brought havoc to its streets. Blood was shed and darkness spread over all of us! That was a very very fun game!

Look at these tables full of terrain madness! These elements were placed there by our team and our visitors and terrain was made available to everyone that wanted to play something specific.

On the last day the train travelled away from the Ukrainian villages only to be stopped in China by the Mad Hordes.

All in all I want to thank anyone that was there! Partisan Con 2013 was a complete success and we’re looking forward to 2014 with our eyes set to 2017 and the centennial of the Russian Revolution.

We want to thank anyone that showed interest in our little project and especially everyone that showed up. Even if for a while. A special thanks goes out to Driscoles and our lovely visitors from Berlin, who decided to undertake more than half a day’s drive just to be with us, and David and his wonderful girlfriend, who took care of us from start to finish!

Please have a look at our threads in the LAF here and Sweetwater here. I am sure more people will have better pictures to display. Apologies for my shoddy ones! 🙂

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