Heating Season #11


Well, my fellow co-bloggers might have blinded you with their immense speed and I might be coming across like a massive slacker, but – fear not! – I am still painting… when life permits it.

This time I would like to show you my second section of my Brits. These fellas are all sporting the nice backpacks offered by the Perries to help distinguish them from the others. I obviously couldn’t resist the trend and as our own Sire (and Captain Blood of LAF fame) I decided to “sculpt” a beret for one of my troopers. Obviously this guy is pretty full of himself and bit of a show-off, always pointing at stuff and shouting. Takes all kinds.

One of the Bren team has decided to also grab a mattock pick, presumably to prepare a defensive position. Above you can see the traditional cheesy version of the picture below.

Furthermore, here is the Bren base for the first section presented a few weeks ago. It’s pretty straight-forward, but I like how they’ve come along and the little backpacks done by the Perry brothers really do look gorgeous.

Right, here for the Darmstadt-Mannheim connection the RCW weekend is coming nearer and nearer (feel free to visit our relevant blog here). So for the next couple of weeks I will try to paint some more Russians (between work travels – ungh!) so probably a Lewis gunner, maybe a Commissar or whatever else and finish some terrain pieces like some more Pegasus wooden houses and perhaps a couple trees. As soon as that’s done, it will be time to finish the 3rd section and start on the Bren Carrier I’ve purchased.

See you soon!

6 thoughts on “Heating Season #11

  1. By the way… for all people that can actually count (that doesn’t include me it seems) one of my 2nd Section dudes is missing… He took a little vacation on one of my selves and refused to be photographed. 🙂 I’ll show you him when I take a “family” shot. But don’t worry… he looks exactly like the other. 🙂

  2. That’s some fantastic painting again! The Beret really turned out well and makes him stand out between all these well helmeted fellows. By the way, where’s the squashed barrel from? Looks like some very useful terrain bit.

    • Hey there! Thank you for your kind words.

      The barrel is by elladan of Stronghold Games. Sadly he doesn’t seem to sell them anymore, but I would send him a PM in the LAF. He’s a cool guy and loves helping fellow hobbyists out.

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