Incursio Barbarica: Roman Archers

BogenRom1Like SG I needed a break from all this sand-coloured italian uniforms… so I painted some Late Roman tunics. Sand coloured. Okay, all the ornaments made the paintjob a bit different. I had these waiting on my desk for a long time. A week ago I set myself a close deadline and invited a friend for a Germans vs. Late Romans game. SAGA was the ruleset of choice, my Germans used the Viking board and the Romans the Norman one.

With enough cavalry but very few infantry ready I had to add some ranged combat ability to the force. I painted them in one day (they were alredy based and undercoated) and I am very satisfied with the result. AND they stood their ground! When the rest of the army was wiped out they were the last unit standing on a hill, covering the baggage train.

The next addition will be a 8-man-unit of unarmoured legionaries and more cavalry. I really enjoyed SAGA and will expand both armies from 4 pts to 6 pts.



8 thoughts on “Incursio Barbarica: Roman Archers

  1. Great painting again. Especially considering the short time you actually needed. I’d definitely sit more than a week to geht them finished to such a standard.

      • I learned a lot about speedpainting since my son was born and the decrease of hobby time. Brown undercoat and Inks are the key to success. I can tell you more in Hamburg next year if you want me to, until then you can check the Unfinished-Armies podcast episode “Frankfurter Schule”. Some usefull hints there.
        The arrows are needles with green stuff feathers, nothing special.

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