Heating Season #10

AB1As the Brits already discovered: The Italians are gunning up! Not as fast as a Lamborghini, but hopefully more reliable than a FIAT – the famous Autoblindo 41 is here! This “bello” is a Company B kit, resin with metal wheels, turret, jerry cans and driver, if I remember correctly; I assembled and undercoated it a while ago. The cans, stowage and the “Fliegertuch alla Italia” is from Tamiya’s 1/48 stowage pack. I did not like the driver, so the hatch stays closed. No fresh air, sorry.


To give you an impression of the size here is a group shot with the AB covering my brave Bersaglieri storming forward.


I fear it will take some time until a suitable list for Chain of Command will appear, but it will include a AB41 for sure. To have more support options covered I ordered the brandnew Perry HMG and Mortar, both are already undercoated on my workbench. A Spa-Viberti AS 42 would be nice, too. That is it for today, next time the big men of my force.

Ciao ragazzi!

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