Heating Season #9

Since recce has revealed that the Italians are up-gunning their forces, the arms race is up and running. Well, at an easy pace for the British so far… The Universal or “Bren” carrier is definitely not going to dominate the battlefield, but you never go wrong with a bit of additional gun fire in an infantry-based game.

This model was actually the first British support option available from the Perries, so I ordered it early on. The kit itself comprises resin (vehicle, stowage) as well as metal parts (crew, guns). While there aren’t many pieces to be assembled (actually, only crew and weaponry has to be stuck in), I had to look up on the Perries’ site where and how the different parts are meant to be placed. In the end, I spared some bits for conversion – e.g. a backpack was given to the ATR gunner.

Overall, the quality of this kit is fine, taking into account it’s a gaming piece. The resin casting is okay; some flash has to be removed and I had to smoothen a few rough areas, but nothing too troublesome. What I found most disappointing, though, was the quality of the metal parts. First off, I had a hard time fitting in both the gunner and his weapon – likely I’m just ham-fisted, but in the end I cut off the riflebutt to get it in place. The worse that the models themselves aren’t that great, to be honest. I don’t know if that’s down to the awful casting quality (we’ve sadly come to expect from the latest Perry offerings) or the actual sculpts. The concepts are fine, but they are badly executed, detailing on faces, uniforms and weaponry seems rushed. Hopefully, the Perries do look into this for I intended to stick with their range of (particularly sized) Desert War Brits.

Anyway, since this is a fast-build project I don’t want to be too picky about it. And, more importantly, my Brits now have something at hand to kick some Italian butts. This African adventure’s soon to be over, for sure…


Models by Perry Miniatures (universal carrier) and Warlord Games (Sd.Kfz 222), British decals by Dom’s Decals, building by me.

11 thoughts on “Heating Season #9

    • Get one. 😉 That said, better wait for the Perries to finally change their metal casting service. The current one may keep the prices low, but you can tell by the poor quality.

  1. I think these look wonderful, enhanced as ever by some fine photography! Although you mention some difficulties with the kit, they really aren’t apparent from the pictures. Very splendid indeed, and some excellent weathering on the carrier!

    • Time is at a premium at the moment. But we’re very keen to bring our forces to the table. However, the first time round is likely not worth a write-up as we’re still struggling to get the rules into our heads, so a lot of mistakes are a given.

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