Heating Season #8

Slightly lagging behind but still in time for the release of dedicated CoC lists for the Desert War (when, oh when?) I’m hereby completing my platoon of British infantry. Halloo!

Section 3 (Cpl Adams)

Third section, led by Corporal Adams, is obviously providing suppressive fire while the rest of the platoon advances. Therefore the LMG team has taken cover behind a collapsed wall – although they are still discussing the whys and wherefores of bricks as gun supports: “Looks brittle? Ballocks!”

Section 3 (alternative)

At this point I was left with a single prone model and no clue what to use him for. The leaflet included in the box recommended a “runner” to complement the command team but a prone figure is probably not the best representation of that. So I decided to build a small vignette to be used as an objective marker: the pose looked right for a wounded character (note the dropped messenger bag) who has made it into cover and now’s awaiting relief. (Actually, he would’ve found better use as an assistant gunner on the ATR, but that’s hindsight…)

Downed MessengerA group shot of the whole platoon is to follow shortly. And there’s also a bit of support rolling in at the moment…

All models by Perry Miniatures.

13 thoughts on “Heating Season #8

    • Thanks! Indeed, the kneeling figures are a bit special. For my taste, though, there are too many of them on the sprues, as their only convincing pose is firing/reloading. A minor quibble, of course.

    • Well, it is not, to be honest. But it’s “getting the job done”, so I’m happy after all – but still grumbling over hours of labour which produced fairly the same result. So, looks like I won’t get any better. 😉
      Cheers, mate!

  1. Another nice section, the Bren gunner and his oppo certainly look as though they are arguing the toss rather than getting on with the job in hand. Like the wounded runner, very smart use of the prone figure.

  2. Congratulations for finishing your Brits! Very impressive results, SG!

    Love the wounded Brit marker… I am afraid I’ll have to copy this idea! 🙂

      • I like the “waving around” bit! 🙂 I will be doing it in a scientific way of course; I will be… “quoting” your idea! I’ll even add a footnote.

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