Heating Season #6

Steam’s got up again as CoC was finally released last week and we hasten to meet up for our first test matches. Instead of yet another PBI section, here’s a bit of diversion.
Of course, every lion needs a donkey to lead him – or so they said. 😉 Therefore each platoon needs a command team comprising Lt. John L. Atkinson, his 2inC, Pl. Sgt. Sean Gardiner, and a radioman named Tim (he’s got no job in the rules yet). They are joined here by a runner serving as a spare man either on the Boys ATR or for the heavier support weapons as an observer; for distinction he’s obtained an – highly irregular! – black beret and binoculars (both items done with a bit of very basic sculpting).

British Platoon Command

Again, here’s a less fancy shot of ’em.

British Platoon Command (bare bones)

Speaking of support weaponry, here’s what the platoon can field themselves: the aforementioned anti-tank rifle and a 2″-mortar. Obviously the latter team has laid down some smoke already *cough*… But you get the idea.

British Light Support Weapons

Given the good progress of this project (and its confusing order of entries) it’s about time to install a dedicated site for it. That should go online in the next couple of days, as soon as we’ve agreed on the banners to be used – so maybe a couple of weeks rather? 😀
Stay tuned!

All models by Perry Miniatures.

5 thoughts on “Heating Season #6

  1. What a great new entry! Your rats are getting better and better. Maybe I should give the desert war a try too….
    As for CoC I’ve bought the rules this week and they seem to read nice, though not overly eager on the army lists yet. They just don’t fit my collection. Too much rifles^^

    • Well done, sir! Another supporter for CoC is always welcome.
      Wouldn’t care too much for the correct numbers, at least for the first couple of games. It’s all paper strength, and only recently TFL adapted to the requirements of army lists and balanced forces.

      Cheers, SG

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