Heating Season #5

Britts1SpecialAnother one bites the dust? I for one am very excited to be part of this little project next to my two prolific and amazingly talented co-bloggers!

As mentioned by our Sire, I have decided to get in by painting some very cool – albeit small – Perry Brits. Unfortunately I am a bit lagging behind; on the one side… I am a slow bugger. On the other hand, I moved house last weekend, an activity which ground everything else to a halt for the past 2 months.

None the less, I am happy with what I have so far. My Poms (I spent last week on a business trip with a South African colleague! 😀 ) were also painted rather quickly. I used the paints suggested by the Artizan painting guide, while also adding Foundry Base Sand for the Khaki Drill uniform. The miniatures were then covered with the Army Painter soft and strong tone dip and then further highlights were applied. Now I am all ecstatic about all the other projects I could do using this technique, as I am quite happy with the result.

This past week I also ordered my copy of the Chain of Command rules in a complete bundle and I am already reading the ipad version of the rules, the Too Fat Lardies have produced. And I must say I am impressed.

At the moment I have a Bren team on my table and the second squad is also in the works. This will be distinguished by the fact that these chaps will be carrying their backpacks.

Anyway, watch this space, while my co-bloggers provide you with more eye-candy! I’ll do my best to keep up.

5 thoughts on “Heating Season #5

    • Hey, no, what I meant was that I sometimes used the strong tone and others the soft one. I did that trying to create slightly different effect, but to be honest with you it is not really worth the hassle. 🙂 strong tone will do nicely.

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