Heating Season #4

2nd SquadThe Chain of Command rules are released! I will have to raise my painting output, so here is Squad No. 2.
As you can see two of the soldiers spot the even more flamboyant tropical helmet. I am happy that the Perrys released them before my CoC copy arrives.

I did some research to find out how a Bersaglieri Platoon was organised, but found the few pieces of information a bit confusing to be honest. However, as always, the Sire provided some helpful hints. I now know that I have enough miniatures – but lack suitable transport vehicles. So I ordered a truck today, a cheap one from Force of Arms. Company B has a Lancia, but 35 USD+PP is a bit too much at the moment. That is no problem as the Axis picked up a lot of Allied equipment after Tobruk. Now back to my workbench to varnish the next squad…

4 thoughts on “Heating Season #4

  1. Some realy nice painted figures again! Looking forward to see them motorised. Maybe you could give a brief review about the CoC ruleset once it arrives.

  2. Absolutely brilliant – great to see Italians on the table. Very interesting troops, with a lot of variety and some wonderful colour. Some brilliant scenarios await!

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