Heating Season #3

Italians? That’s me! I wanted to field the most flamboyant looking unit, so I decided to field a platoon of Bersaglieri, because they attached cockerell feather plumes to the helmets.

Italian platoons were made of 2 squads of 20 men. Each squad had 2 Breda light machine gun groups of a corporal gunner, assistant gunner and 2 ammuntion bearers. Those were commanded by a sergeant, and the rest were riflemen. This information is from the Perry Miniatures Website, I am not sure if the Beraglieri used the same pattern. For the start it gives me an idea how many troops I will roughly need.

The painting was done fast and dirty, VMC Desert Yellow undercoat, a wash and one or two highlights. I managed to paint six Bersaglieri in 4 hours, that is very fast for me. As talk is  cheap, here are the pics (I took seperate pics, ’cause the prone ones were always out of focus at first).


7 thoughts on “Heating Season #3

  1. Very fine indeed. Can I ask about the Bersaglieri helmets – did you make the cockerel feathers yourself out of green stuff? I looked on the Perry website and all their Italians seemed to be plain helmeted.

    • Hi Sidney!
      You are right about the helmets. I made the cockerel feathers using grey stuff. I rolled some “sausages”, cut to the desiered length and glued it to the helmets. Very fast and easy.

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