Heating Season #2

Picking up from last week here comes the second entry for my Desert Rats. Just want to keep the pace, and I’ve been assured that my fellow painters are to follow with their own troops soon.
Again, nothing fancy, rather some more bread and butter troopers, this time led by jolly Corporal Sellers.

Covering the basics first works best for me, since I usually set aside command figures and other such individuals as a reward. This gives an incentive “to get the job done”. However, I would still recommend not to overdo this: about eight figures per (sub)unit are a manageable size for me, but beyond that I get easily bored. Therefore, even if the rules may require single bases, I like to include multibased figures as they allow for a kind of micro-diorama. Lucky me, with the Brits there are support weapons as the Bren gun included in each section…

Section 2

The photoshopped shot last time has proven quite popular (despite or maybe even because of the maligned lens flares 😉 ), so I played on that again. Hope you approve and join us next time!

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