Heating Season #1

Barely are we relieved from the heat waves, it’s time to heat up the hobby again. To get back into our seats us mountaineers are joining forces: over the next couple of weeks we’re going to explore some African heights.
There’s two simple reasons for that: First, the great coverage that TooFatLardies delivered for their upcoming WW2 ruleset Chain of Command enticed us to give gaming this conflict a closer look. Second and, of course, by lucky coincidence, we all caught the “Desert bug” (like so many other weak-willed fellows) when the Perries finally released their first boxes and blisters covering the Desert War of 1941 to 1943.

Now, after months of scheming, tinkering and even occasional painting sessions things have to get started, for at the end of August Chain of Command will be hitting the shelves. The plan is to get the basic troops required (i.e. a platoon each) and some additional bits and pieces (or rather whatever we can manage) ready until then โ€“ and maybe, just maybe stage an introductory game as soon as the rules have arrived.

Brave Lt. Hazel has agreed to build up an Italian force, while both dear Dr. Remington and myself have joined the British cause. We will likely not provide extensive coverage of photos and background. All models are first and foremost meant as no-nonsense gaming pieces, so speed in painting and presentation is essential. A nice test for our skills in that area as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Without further ado, here’s my first entry: a section of Poor Bloody Infantry, all armed with rifles and led by a stout Cpl. Myers. They are based on 20mm washers, apart from the NCO who’s distinguished as an officer (with beret, on 25mm washer) in terms of the rules.

These have been painted โ€“ with a few tweaks โ€“ according to the guidelines provided by Michael Farnworth over at Artizan Designs. I also opted for varied tones of the uniform, however inaccurate that might be at section level. The Lieutenant also presented me with a very nice photo mat which will feature in the next couple of pictures as well. Just playing with effects, here’s another shot:

Zug01bAnd that’s it folks. C&C as well as questions are always welcome. Hope you stay tuned!

All miniatures by Perry.

8 thoughts on “Heating Season #1

  1. Great painting! Those chaps look even nicer than on the Perry’s page.
    Up to now I was considering doing the desert war in 15mm, though now tempted for 28mm… again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. very nice, the variety in khakis works well and I see no reason why there shouldn’t be a variety in uniforms within a platoon. Wounded returning to platoon, with new kit issued at the hospital to replace bloodstained items. New recruits shipped in to fill vacant shots with base issued or UK issued equipment. The odd dirty soldier who has not washed his uniform with the same frequency as that over smart Lance Corporal who intends to be RSM before the war is over, etc , etc. Like the photo tricks, that over smart Lance Corporal’s nice shiny bayonet is going to bring the platoon to the attention of everyone in a couple of mile radius.

  3. Absolutely excellent! If that’s the “wargames table standard” for your trip to Africa, then I can’t want to see the pieces you actually think are top-notch!! I shall be watching keenly with my field-glasses, as I think you’ll enjoy the “Chain of Command” rules – I’ve certainly enjoying playing the games I’ve been involved with.

  4. Outstanding! I’ll second Sidney thought’s in that if that’s “wargames table standard” then I’d sure like to see what you call top notch!


  5. Cheers all! Thanks for your kind comments! ๐Ÿ™‚
    moiterei, for me it’s the other way around as I’ve been assembling 15mm forces for the European theatre when I encountered your excellent 28mm Germans. Wellโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜‰
    moonshado, many thanks for your supportive views, a bit relieved that I haven’t been smacked down by all those WW2 enthusiasts โ€“ yet!
    Dalauppror, unfortunately missed the latest updates on your blog, will come back soon, I promise.
    Sid (& Christopher), well, it’s really down to the models (one of the best Perry kits to date I think) and taking photos in groups. You got to believe me that certain figures shouldn’t be inspected too closely. But that’s an exercise for me how to avoid getting lost in details no one will notice anyway. Up to now it seems to work.
    Chris, yes, only a couple of days to go. Hopefully, postal service won’t delay my parcel as happened with my copy of Dux Britanniarum last year. The pain!

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