Fyodor Merkuriev, Cossack

As you may recall, my RCW activities are connected to a small con my gaming group is organising near Mannheim in November (check it out here please).

Well November is slowly creeping closer (although the current 35 degrees are increasing my impatience exponentially) and in a bit more than a month our registration due date will be upon us.

We will probably be hosting a rather small con, but we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves a con in the first place if we didn’t have at least a free give-away for our registered visitors.

Here he is then… Fyodor Merkuriev, the Cossack, sculpted by the talented Whiffwaff of LAF fame.


Very happy to have had the chance to paint this mini. After checking out the different Cossack uniforms of the RCW times, I decided to paint him as a Sergeant of the 1st Zaporozhian Regiment of the Kuban Host. The Kuban Cossacks were a very interesting bunch back then and this specific uniform seemed the most aesthetically pleasing for me. I don’t really intend to add Cossacks to my Bolshevik forces, but as some of the Kuban Cossacks sided with the Bolsheviks at some point during the civil war, he might pose as a character occassionally.

The name Fyodor Merkuriev is completely invented and only came about when, at the start of the paint-job, some friends and I realised he slightly looked like Freddie Mercury. Funnily enough Merkuriev is a valid russian last name. 🙂

Obviously the give-away minis will be unpainted and I’m looking forward to the many painted versions after the con.

So, all you faithful… Please remember to register till the 1st of September, should you want to visit us, and we’re looking forward to our time together!

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