Wooden Russian церковь


I’ve been travelling a lot lately for work, but I still find some time here and there for painting or building stuff. The result of some of these (way too) short and seldom sessions was a Russian-themed church for our RCW campaigns.

The building was started during a joint craft session with our gaming group a few months ago and inspired by photos found on the internet. The building technique on the other hand was heavily inspired by the amazing work of Barking Irons. Well, I say inspired; I basically ripped of BI’s Witchlands Hovel.

The frame for the church was built by using foamcore cardboard bought from an architectural shop. I used a black variety, which has a firmer core (and a higher price) and which would give me less trouble when priming due to its colour. Other than that, I bought quite a few packs of wooden stirrers on Ebay for very little money. The onion dome is an excellent product supplied by Fenris Games. The windows and the Orthodox cross over the entrance were made by Andy, a great guy with a laser cutting thingamabob, who also happens to be running a small online shop under the name  Archeotek. I can’t recommend him enough and if you’re looking for a few laser cut windows, he is even willing to make “bespoke” designs.

Usually I completely forget, but I’ve actually even managed to take some WIP pictures of this project when I was showing my co-bloggers. What you won’t notice on these though is that the church changed dimensions and “floor plan” about 3-4 times until finally agreeing on the final result. It was loads of fun to start building something and then have it evolve and change form until I was truly happy. I have to say that I prefer this type of work than following a strict plan.

9 thoughts on “Wooden Russian церковь

  1. Thank you, fellas! I am quite proud of this piece and it must be the largest terrain piece I own. Looking forward to seeing it in a game. 🙂

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