Incursio Barbarica: Romans and Civilians

The Migration Period Virus caught me again! After watching this video from the Too Fat Lardies I finally finished some old miniatures and took pics.

The TFL-Crew launched the first Dux Britanniarum video, in which they introduce the idea behind the campaign system and the character creation process. After watching it I suddenly grabbed my Dux B. copy and created my German characters. I will present the result en detail in another post… but to tease you a little bit: My warlord is very young – and very poor. The best qualifications for raiding some wealthy Roman provinces!

For the German starter warband I will have to paint five more figures, which are nearly finished on my workbench. For the Romans I need another 36 miniatures, all of them already undercoated and based on my workbench – I will try to paint them as soon as possible. Now the latest additions to my Migration Period collection:

Roman elite warriors, most likely Germans serving as bodyguards for the Roman general (I will have to ask Tilman for the proper latin terms). In the middle, based on a 30mm washer, one of the “Big Men”, the general’s personal champion. It is a conversion, the Salute 2006 Arthur miniature with Musketeer head and shield and Gripping Beast plastic Saxon Thegns sword (the original one was ridiculously large). The other four are Musketeer Late Romans, I need two more, because in DB units are six models strong.

I am a huge fan of civilians, so I converted some Musketeer miniatures to represent a shepherd, a Gallic merchant and a slave or worker. There are different scenarios in the DB rules which require specific items like cattle or carts. My aim is to build enough carts, cattle/sheep bases and buildings for every scenario. That is all for now, back to my painting desk!


10 thoughts on “Incursio Barbarica: Romans and Civilians

    • That might take some time, but hopefully I am not cured from the virus too soon…

    • I am looking forward to see your warband develop. Will you paint up Germans/Saxons to field them against Moiterei´s Romans?

    • Thank you Bill, now it´s your turn to sculpt some really good civilians, isn´t it? 😉

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