The Survey #1

Survey#1The Mountains of Lead are treacherous terrain, shifting its shape overnight. Therefore the enterprising explorer is well advised to carefully study his maps, listen to his fellows’ reports and document his own surveys as time permits.
This (irregular) column is meant as a collection of items and subjects encountered on our tours. Feel free to add to the list by leaving a comment, it’s always welcome. Hopefully we can thereby make future expeditions an even more rewarding (and safer) experience for all of us! 😉

No Need To Be Thick
Too Fat Lardies have just released a series of video tutorials for their upcoming WWII platoon level ruleset, Chain of Command. Actually, they started a similar venture about two years ago, explaining on screen their renowned Napoleonic skirmish game called Sharp Practice. If you’re more of a visual person (like most wargamers) these videos will help a lot in understanding actual gameplay. We’ve been even promised a sequel focussing on Dux Britanniarum, so lots to look forward to.

A Guide to Flamboyancy
Honestly, who doesn’t fancy gaudy-clad Renaissance soldiers? They can be quite a challenge to paint, though. Stuart M, well-known for his exquisitely painted Landsknecht models, has recently set up a blog where he explains his approach and techniques in great detail. Well worth a look!

Harryhausen Strikes Back
Salute 2013 will be themed on the classical legend (or rather the Harryhausen adaption?) of Jason and the Argonauts. At least since our similarly themed game for the Tactica 2011 show, this topic is dear to our hearts. Exciting news then, that on the very day Crooked Dice will release a dedicated ruleset, aptly named 7th Voyage. They are also preparing a table for demoing the game at Salute. You can watch the progress on the gameboard here as well as some cool add-ons here.

A Simian Salute
In preparation of another participation game for this year’s Salute LAF-user AKULA chose to delve into the world of Charlton Heston and his Simian adversaries; Yes, that’s right: it’s Planet of the Apes! Regular updates can be found in this thread on the LAF. Here is also a nice youtube video with most of the pictures presented till now. The board is spectacular! All you want to do is kneel in front of it, throw your arms into the air and scream: “YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! OH, DAMN YOU! GODDAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!”

Gripping Releases from the Beast
Given the ever-increasing popularity of their SAGA ruleset Gripping Beast (in association with Musketeer) appears to have truly become the go-to company for all things Dark Age. Now the game’s expanding to encompass the Rus and Byzantine factions (yes, as described in Wargames Illustrated before; a bit lame for all the guys who went to considerable lengths to get a copy). You can have a first look here. Added to that, this final(-ish) supplement will be suitably accompanied by the release of the Beast’s long-awaited generic Dark Age warriors. Pretty cool stuff!

Saxon Dog gone Roman
The master of painting miniatures to an incredible high standard in a ridiculous amount of time is back on 3rd Century Romans! Saxon Dog painted an impressive army some time ago, but now he is building up a force for Impetus. The best looking and most colourful Romans of all, just have a look and enjoy!

Afghan Jazz
Empress Miniatures are releasing more Afghans of the early 20th century. Pathans are always kinda cool, with their beards and fancy trousers and hats… and they even look better wielding Lewis guns! Lovely sculpts by Paul Hicks, have a closer look at here. Also, pics of painted tribesmen are up at Silver Whistle´s Blog.

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