Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!


Time for the last in our team to post some of his current work. You’ll excuse the fact that my pictures won’t be as nicely framed as in the last posts, but this perfectly explainable.

Our gaming group decided a few weeks ago to go ahead with a small themed con this coming November. The “Partisan Con” (more info here: http://partisan-con.blogspot.de/) will be held in Mannheim and will revolve around all things RCW and BoB. Now calling it a con is probably a stretch, but we’ll hopefully meet up with some friends, play a number of games, watch relevant films (Doctor Zhivago anyone?) and proooobably nibble at some Vodka. It is this that drives me to actually finish an army till then and with my, nowadays infamous, painting speed, this is quite a challenge. Work messing up my plans doesn’t help either, but I am all confident that I’ll make it. Counting in my Bolshevik Sailors, I only need about another 30 miniatures painted for a tight little Triumph&Tragedy army… (30!! God, I just frightened myself).

These are the first 5 of my Bolshevik infantry. I currently have another 5 plus one unit leader on my table. I’ve already started painting them and hopefully I will be able to produce some results soon… soon-ish.

This fella was the test mini for the infantry. I was trying out a Vallejo Khaki triad for the shirt, while the pants are Foundry Moss. The following four guys were painted last week. I took this opportunity to try out some more paints. You’ll find some Rawhide in there, German Cam. Beige WWII, Green Brown and of course Moss.

You can see all the minis used for my RCW themed army all in one place here (if you click on the picture that is):

RCW Banner

4 thoughts on “Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!

  1. With standards that high Doc I can see why it takes you along time to finish figures! They look terrific! Looking forward to seeing more.


    • Thank you, buddy! Actually you’d be surprised, but I’ve cut quite a few corners here. Only the faces are getting some extra love, but even they are getting less than the Sailors’ ones did. I am still not super fast, like my buddies from my gaming group, but it’s improved considerably. 🙂

      (We missed each other at the Tactica… boooo! Next year.)

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