Incursio Barbarica

Hi folks,

time to make my first post (although not the first on the blog, SG beat me to it). Followers of my old blog know my “Incursio Barbarica” (barbarian invasion) project. I’m really in love with the turmoils of the migration period, or the last days of the Western Roman Empire. With SAGA and Dux Britanniarum I have two excellent sets of rules, and both require almost the same number of models.

I have painted a 4 Pts. German SAGA force last year, and started painting their Roman opponents (although a lot of the “Romans” would have been Germans, too). I will now continue to paint up the Romans, starting with 1 Pt. of four models, a 4 man cavalry unit:

Musketeer Miniatures Late Roman Heavy Cavalry, the one with the fancy crest on his helm is from the command pack. LBM decals as I decided to paint the romans fast, so every trick to save time is welcome. They are my “tabletop standard”, nothing special but the overall look is OK. To all the button counters out there: I know that the shield design is associated with a unit serving in Africa in the Notitia Dignitatum, but I liked them most and don’t care about that.

I also rebased my Goth Noble Cavalry, I once based them for Impetus but will probably never play it. Now they are single based, giving me a 5th point for my Germans! Here you can see them crushing into the Romans.

Next to come: some Civilians and a Hearthguard unit on foot.

4 thoughts on “Incursio Barbarica

  1. Wow! All of it looks fantastic Jan! On re-basing for SAGA I understand, but maybe think of some sabot bases for Impetus as I hate to lose a player for it especially one that’s paints so lovely.


  2. Absolutely stunning! The paintjobs are as always spectacular, but you’ve framed them beautifully.

    You guys are really raising the bar here. Making it very difficult for me! 🙂

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