To Infinity and beyond

As hinted at in our introductory post, I’ve been painting miniatures for the ever so popular Infinity game lately. Finally, I’d like to add, for these were sitting around for ages, and at one point I nearly sold them off altogether.

The simple reason being that I felt severly discouraged. Not the least, I had acquired the models to improve my painting skills, to try and learn techniques and styles different to my accustomed approach. And, let’s be honest, these guys lend themselves to a bit of extra effort put into that, especially considering the incredible standards set by studio painter Ángel Giráldez.

There I went. But after an enthusiastic start with all kinds of “zenithal lighting”, “layer building” and what not, I couldn’t see any particular benefit. In fact, the first model done this way looked rather dull and broken to me (the left-hand side model above is the very result). Obviously I needed a lot more practice before I could paint these fellas to a standard I thought the only appropriate one – while, in turn, time I doubted if I was ever to enjoy the process.

Thus the whole project became postponed ad infinitum (if you pardon the pun). However, due to reasons unknown, a few weeks ago I found myself leafing through the Infinity rulebook again and being remembered how cool a game it is. Since I had successfully enthused a few friends (our dear Lieutenenat among them) when I got first into it, there’d be also a fair chance to get it onto the table, eventually. Thence I dug up the dusted box and, setting all hum and haw aside, started where I left off.

In the process I discovered that the models themselves easily adapt to my own style of painting, and I reckon that goes for most people’s approaches. Of course, those highly detailed models were still quite daunting to me, but I tried to tackle this by limiting my choice of colours. Since Studio Giráldez has set a striking scheme for the Haqqislam troops (by now you’ve surely recognised them), I roughly followed this using grey (VGC Cold Grey), brown (Foundry Rawhide) and green (Foundry Phlegm Green), all in various shades, complemented with black and a bit of yellowish orange (VMC Bright Orange) where applicable. Fortunately, the miniatures bear heavy use of brown and black washes (Army Painter Dark/Strong Tone works a treat) quite nicely, too.

For basing I chose a featureless desert ground. I had pondered the idea of high-tech style bases, but in the end I chose this simple setup for our games will likely be staged in a more “rural environment” (read: on your common or garden gaming table). I then added a small facing marker (Foundry Teal Blue) to the pedestal; not yet convinced, may give it a repaint at some stage.

All in all, I’m more than happy that I took the plunge. The models turned out to be a joy to paint, once you’ve overcome the fiddly assembly (rather enervating) and the fear of ruining them with your paintbrush (fairly impossible). I enjoyed them so much that I’m already meditating on which set to buy next. Even if people telling me to better invest in decent terrain beforehand…

Painted March 2012 / March 2013. Miniatures by Corvus Belli.

4 thoughts on “To Infinity and beyond

  1. They look fantastic SG and I rate your exploration as a smashing success! It’s fun at times to really explore painting which I haven’t been able too in a few years and envy your opportunity. I currently just have too many things that need to get done at the moment, but hopefully I’ll get a chance and think on your work as a motivation.


    • Yeah, tell me about it. Actually, I should be painting other stuff as well (Tactica 2014 anyone?). But for me it’s no good to force creativity into a schedule. There’s enough of that in real life.
      First and foremost, though, thanks for your kind words!

      Cheers, SG

  2. Stunning work, Sire G. You’ve certainly cracked the style of these figures and the basing is fantastic too.

    Best wishes


  3. We’ve spoken about this between the 3 of us, but I must repeat myself! This is absolutely stunning work, SireG! Brilliant colour choice, amazing painting and the bases bring it all together.
    Can’t say I am a friend of all the Infinity miniatures, but this little troop, I like… lots.

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