Welcome to our expedition!

Dear Reader,

this site will guide you to the Mountains of Lead, but be warned, it is possible that you will never return, forever wandering hidden and mysterious paths, meeting heroes from tales and forgotten times, seeing the future… only armed with a brush, some paint and a creative mind.

We are already lost in these Mountains, some of you might know us, but let us introduce ourselves to everyone, as you might have guessed we like to talk about our journey in the miniature hobby. We tried to keep it short, only answering some questions – but obviously failed!

What has led you to the hobby?

Sire Godefroy: A rather boring story, since I seem to share it with 90% of my generation of wargamers (obviously not the ones on this blog, though). Back in the early 2000s a friend introduced me to that unbelievably nerdy fantasy game called Warhammer. What really caught my interest, though, were the historical references, and consequently I soon ended up with a Medieval army disguised as GW Bretonnians.

Well, we all had to start somewhere…

Then my segue to ‘proper’ historical wargaming was the discovery of the now sadly deceased Warhammer Ancient Battles, and this part of the hobby, in all its incarnations from micro-skirmish to full scale battle, has become my main focus. Of course, there’s still the odd venture into fantasy and scifi, but first and foremost I’m a history buff and probably will be for the rest of it.

Doc Remington: Ah, the origins story-line… Every good superhero has one.

Well, after listening to many such stories, I’ve come to realise that mine is a bit different than most. So let’s get things started by shocking you: I’ve never played any of GW’s games! 🙂 Not only that… I basically got into this hobby in my late 20s.

My first wargames experience was noticing a Foundry Ancient Greek on the table of one of my buddies at uni. Being really interested in history, and particularly ancient Greek one, I had to ask him what this was, so he got into a diatribe on wargames. The fact that I liked the look of the little fella, pushed me to saying “yes” when I was asked to come by next time his gaming group met. It was shortly after that I met a very good friend of mine in my home town, Darmstadt, and could see his impressive collection.

Soon after I had to take a 3.5 year break due to my PhD. It was a chance meeting that got me back into contact with this friend about 4 years ago. Since then my lead mountain has been growing steadily and I’ve been meeting regularly (sometimes even as often as once a week) with my gaming group, which has since expanded to include some guys from Mannheim and Zwingenberg.

Lieutenant Hazelorov: I was betrayed and murdered by Rasputin, but some arcane rites made my rebirth possible…

You see, like my fellow mountaineers I am a nerd, with love for everything miniature related. The whole mess started with two boxes of Revell 1/72 Normans and Anglo-Saxons. After reading “Lord of the Rings” when I was 15, I was caught by the Warhammer virus like SG, but I didn’t like the people who played it. So, after a hiatus of two years, I saw the smashing Confrontation miniatures at the Spiel in Essen and painted up a force of Celts. Already at the edge I discovered the Foundry website and fell in the historical wargaming hobby…

What is your favourite period or theme? 

SG: There’s no such thing as a favourite period for a magpie like me: anything shiny gets my interest at some point! Hence I keep dabbling in all kinds of genres and themes, from fantasy to historical, from earliest antiquity to the far future and beyond. If I had to choose, though, a few Romans would be in my baggage when leaving for a desert island (or mountain top, respectively). I have a soft spot for Ancients, anyway, and the Roman Empire was around for quite some time and at a number of places – a safe bet, I’d say.

DR: A true miniature collector/wargames is contractually obliged to reply with “All of them” when confronted with such a question. Nonetheless, there are three themes that have managed to hold my attention longer than others.

The first one and the one that is currently keeping me busy, is Back of Beyond (BoB) and the Russian Civil War (RCW). You can see a couple of pictures below. The first one shows my small band of Bolshevik sailors, while the second demonstrates the first of my Bolshevik foot soldiers that are still on the painting table. More to come soon.

The second theme is (Darkest) Afrika in the late 19th/early 20th Century. After watching “Mountains of the Moon” and seeing the amazing work of Plynkes on the Lead Adventure Forum, I was hooked. The fact that timewise this theme is close to BoB and some miniatures can be used for both themes, helps. 🙂

The third one would be the Dark Ages. I’m not really fussy about what time frame exactly. I’ve painted some Saxons in the past (and still am), but I’ve also started painting the amazingly looking Jomsvikings by Musketeer Miniatures (the picture below). Both factions are painted for the SAGA rules, which I’ve enjoyed immensely in the past.

LH: Phhh… Like the most of my fellow hobbyists my focus is a bit excursive. But there are some themes that I enjoy more than others. My first real step into historical wargaming was an army for the Russian Civil War, made of all the famous “Colourful Regiments” that fought the Bolsheviks in south-west Russia. Man, I still love the vast number of different troops, personalities and ideologies involved.

A new era, thanks to Sire G., that floods my mind with ideas and hidden desires is the ancient period, especially the Bronze Age. What does a man need more than a beard, curly hair, some shiny bronze on tanned skin and a cowhide shield to be happy? Maybe a loincloth to avoid some x-rating.

Can you list your current projects?

SG: Actually, no. Projects keep changing all the time, because in my experience is that staying focused for too long kills creativity outright. Therefore a great number of primed and half-painted models are dwelling in the depths of my painting desk, and I’ve lost track long ago. Add to that the occasional piece of commission work, and there you are. As I write this I have just finished painting a few Infinity models which I bought, erm, last year. Also, there are some 15mm Medievals, desperately in need of a lick of paint. Oh well, and there’s another… Beg your pardon, what’s the question again?

DR: First, I am currently working on my RCW miniatures. In November our gaming group will be hosting a BoB themed weekend in Mannheim (read more) and I would really love to participate with my own army and as few loaned miniatures as possible. Second, my Vikings and Saxons are also present on my painting table. Perhaps they’ll be needed when I’m fed up with all the Khaki and Green colours. And third, during the last Tactica, I also acquired some of the lovely Bruegelburg miniatures by Lead Adventure. The Landsknecht band, about 7 miniatures, will be my third project. If you haven’t seen these, please do so at here.

LH: Oh dear. I will give it a try: Late Romans vs. Germans. My “Incursio Barbarica” project, I really love painting those BillT made beauties from Musketeer Miniatures.

Infinity. I already have a small force of Nomads and will add some more models to game with SG. And there is a special “black ops” project that will be revealed soon.

Why do you participate in the blog collaboration?

SG: Blogging has become an essential part of my hobby life, for it makes up for a lot of disadvantages of living in a literal wargaming diaspora (sorry, Lieutenant, you know it’s true!). It’s allowed me to find and stay in touch with like-minded hobby enthusiasts, to share my efforts and to enjoy what others come up with. So, to team up is perhaps just the next step – but I’m super-excited that two of the coolest mates around have agreed to take this step with me. It’s both a pleasure and an honour, guys – let’s rock!

DR: Why not? No, seriously! When two cool, massively creative dudes ask you if you want to participate in a joint blog… you say “yes”! Both of these guys are a pleasure to be around, chat with and most certainly will be a huge pleasure to work with.

LH: I don’t like the other ones that much, but they are Hessians and need some overwatch from someone who lives in a more civilized part of Germany. You can now make an educated guess who has got the most exquisite humour in our Triumvirate 😉

Now you know why we’re here. All questions have been answered. All that remains, is grabbing your climbing gear and coming along. Something tells me the mountains ahead grow a bit taller by the day, so the expedition might take a while.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to our expedition!

  1. Very nice indeed, just one place to follow 3 greate paintes progress of climbing the Mountains of Lead !!!

    I will follow your expedition closely and I hope that we will meet at the journy to the top,:)

    Best regards Michael

  2. Fantastic having all of you in the same place just wish you would have stayed on blogger. I of course expect to visiting this site often!


  3. Best of luck on this venture.
    I was starting to wondering if the sky was falling down when I saw a lot of post about godbye and the end at my bloglist…

  4. Congratulations on the new joint blog, i’ll be following you with interest
    All the best


  5. Good moring Gentlemen…..I’ve finally tracked you down to one of the base camps of the Mountains of Lead. Treacherous going hereabouts, so I’ve brought some brushes and paints with me, as well as one of those very useful bendy daylight lamp things!! Great to see you teaming up and I’ll be following your passage up the North Face!! Very best of luck Gentlemen, and see you at the summit!!

    • That’s the spirit, Sid! There’s tea on the stove, if you fancy a cup. 🙂

      In the meantime (even if I’m late to the party), a warm welcome to everyone!

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